How Much Does 2D Animation Cost?

2D animation is a computer-generated motion of 2D plane images using different animation software programs.

The most common and popular examples of 2D animation are the old Mickey Mouse cartoon series and the Google Doodle. The Google Doodle is one of the best examples of how a 2D animation can attract and engage the users quite effectively.

Despite the importance and the fact that it can generate a great engagement between the user / client, 2D animation has a cost. This cost can be around $100 to $8,000.

Such a large range of varying costs of 2D animation can be due to multiple factors, like the complexity of the task, length of the animation, voice-over effects, music, motion graphics, etc.

Factors Impacting the Animation Cost

Before discussing how much 2D animation would cost you, let’s jump into the discussion of the various factors that can play a significant role in building up the cost of 2D animation.

There can be numerous factors that can elevate the cost of a 2D animation, but here we’re going to discuss some of the most common factors.

Video Length

The animation cost is usually charged in a “per minute” scale. The length of the animation is directly proportional to the animation cost. The lengthier the video, the higher the animation cost will be.

Usually, the idea of any animation is conceived by a designer and the length of the storyboard decides how lengthy the animation should be.

So, it is quite obvious that a bigger storyboard would require more dialogues, scenes, and objects to be included in the scene. This further adds more work for an animator to work on the 2D images to build a creative animation.

Animation Style Complexity

You might have heard about whiteboard animation and you might also be familiar with hand-drawn animation. Both are considered to be 2D animations, but the tasks involved are completely different.

The complexity of a hand-drawn animation is far greater than that of whiteboard animations. The whiteboard animation doesn’t require an extensive skill set. In contrast, a hand-drawn animation demands a much greater level of experience.

This is the reason why the complexity of tasks can play a major role in building up the cost of creating 2D animations. A highly complex task would cost you more than an ordinary 2D animation.

Animation Effects

A 2D animation looks incomplete without proper add-ons like voice-over, interactive elements, music, and many other supporting elements. They might seem to be easy to get but they are not!

Getting background audio for the animation with all the copyrights and getting services of a voice-over artist can be two of the most challenging tasks.

So, the cost of a 2D animation will definitely rise with all these services. However, it’s advised that you outsource these add-ons and let your 2D animator do his part of the job.

Your Industry Niche

The industry for which the 2D animation is being created also has an impact on the cost. A 2D animation for marketing would be completely different from an animation for an educational purpose.

For marketing, the goals of the animation will entirely be different. Animation features like getting attention, persuasive nature, engaging, pleasing to the eyes, and the use of interactive motion graphics will play a vital role in the success of a marketing campaign.

So, modern tactics and designs will be used to meet the goals of the marketers. The 2D animation cost would definitely be higher than the 2D animation for an educational purpose, where the audience is a specific group of people who are just concerned about the clarity of their concepts.

Different Animations from Different Developers

Depending upon the nature of the task and above-mentioned factors, the cost of a 2D animation can vary from $100 to $8000. You can choose from different types of developers in the market. Below we’ve highlighted three of the scenarios where you can get your 2D animation task done!

$100 animation per minute

Most freelancers can get the job done under $100. Since they’re independent developers and they don’t have to pay rent, salaries, and other bills which they would have to pay in a studio, the cost of the animation per minute is quite low.

Along with the low per-minute cost of creating a 2D animation, there’s something you should keep in mind while working with a freelancer. They usually don’t provide voice-over and scripting services. For that purpose, you might have to find another artist.

Overall, hiring a freelancer for a short 2D animation video would be a wise choice, but you would probably have to pay more for the add-on services like background audio, scripting, motion graphics, etc.

$1,000 animation per minute

Contacting a small studio for your very own original animation content can cost you around $1,000 per minute. It all depends on the nature of the animation task.

The interesting part of working with a small studio is that you get all the services required for a 2D animation. The idea generation, the storyboard, illustration, directions, dialogues, characters, animation, voice-over – everything will be customized.

However, you can also set requirements and they’ll devise a tailored plan according to your requirements and expectations.

A small studio can give you everything you’re looking for, but you can’t compare them head-to-head with the professional studios who have a team of individuals with diverse industrial experience in most of the animated movies and artwork.

$8,000 animation per minute

The price explains everything on its own!

A professional animation studio has widespread experience working with different types of projects. They usually handle long-term projects like gaming, architecture, movies, and cartoon series.

They have advanced equipment that provides a smooth animation experience, allowing them to meet their client’s requirements in the best possible manner.

The most satisfying thing with a professional studio is that they also provide consultancy services. They know how to build a brand and devise their strategies accordingly. Their processes are also standardized, which allow them to work in a team quite efficiently and effectively.

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